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Greg Dunn at The Beautiful Brain

Over at The Beautiful Brain, a site which is not only on my blogroll but which appears to use the same WordPress design as this page, there is a lovely interview and gallery with neuroscientist and artists Greg Dunn. I have always tended to view a mature neurobiology as both an art and a science (stemming from the fact that such a field would have to draw from philosophy, which is at its heart a humanity and not a science; more on that distinction later), so I always find special meaning in the idea of neuroscience-as-art. Dunn also claims to be influenced by traditional Japanese and pan-Asian traditions, and such influences seem just as prominent as the obvious Cajal overtones. A sample of the gallery:

"Purkinje Neurons", 2008


"Hippocampus II", 2010


"Synaptogenesis", 2010


"Two Pyramidals", 2010


"Glomerulus", 2009

Find more of the gallery, and the interview, here.



2 thoughts on “Greg Dunn at The Beautiful Brain

  1. … they creep me out. kind of spider-webby more than neuron-netty. wanna see REAL art? piss christ:


    Posted by Kelsey | November 13, 2011, 11:26 pm
    • That seems to be the pinnacle of artistic achievement. No wonder everyone keeps telling kids not to go into the arts; they’ll never be able to make something as brilliant as that.

      Posted by vanguardoftheacademe | November 13, 2011, 11:35 pm

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